Gastric Sleeve Revision in Petersburg, FL

When patients are in need of gastric sleeve revision surgery in St. Petersburg, board-certified surgeon Dr. Alexander Ramirez is an ideal choice. Dr. Ramirez has the experience and skill necessary to correct gastric sleeve procedures performed improperly by other surgeons.

Patients typically require gastric sleeve revision surgery for one of two reasons. In some cases, the weight loss achieved from the original gastric sleeve procedure was inadequate. Weight regain can even be experienced. In other cases, the original gastric sleeve surgery has created unexpected health complications. These can include gastric reflux and hiatal hernia.

Gastric Sleeve Revision Procedures

The proper gastric sleeve revision procedure for a patient will depend on their reasons for undergoing revision surgery.

When weight regain is being experienced, two procedures can be performed: a re-sleeve procedure and a duodenal switch. In some cases, a re-sleeve can be combined with a duodenal switch.

A re-sleeve procedure involves stapling performed in the same way as the original gastric sleeve procedure. This restores the proper restriction of the region when it has stretched out following the original sleeve procedure. As a result, a sense of fullness is reached sooner.

A duodenal switch involves a small bowel bypass, which is performed laparoscopically using the same incisions as the original gastric sleeve surgery.

When the patient is experiencing gastric reflux after gastric sleeve surgery, dietary changes or medications may be recommended. If these measures are not effective, it is necessary to perform a gastric bypass. When used as a revision procedure, this successfully addresses reflux. This surgery involves separating the top region of the stomach from the bottom region to create a smaller gastric pouch.

Your Consultation

During a consultation with Dr. Ramirez, he will ask the patient about their reasons for pursuing gastric sleeve revision surgery. Diagnostic tests will be performed, and the patient will tell the doctor about their medical history, including any allergies they may have, any medications they are currently taking, and all past procedures.

Dr. Ramirez will use the gathered information to decide on the best revision procedure for the patient. He will go over the recommended corrective procedure, including preparation and aftercare, and then a date will be chosen for the surgery.

After Your Gastric Sleeve Revision Surgery

After the recommended gastric sleeve revision procedure has been performed, the patient’s recovery process will begin. An overnight stay at the hospital may be required.

Because minimally invasive procedures do not create a great deal of tissue trauma, patients can often return to their regular activities reasonably quickly. Any medications that are prescribed by Dr. Ramirez must be taken as directed.

Dr. Ramirez will recommend the proper post-treatment diet to the patient based on the chosen procedure. This must be strictly adhered to in order to avoid complications.

Arrange Your Consultation

To get started with your gastric sleeve revision surgery in St. Petersburg, FL, contact the office of Dr. Alexander Ramirez. Thanks to Dr. Ramirez, you can achieve the weight-loss results you’ve been hoping for and correct the unwanted effects of past gastric sleeve procedures.