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Statistics cited in Medpage Today indicate that over 73 percent of Americans are overweight or obese. While we should appreciate all body types, there’s no denying that once we’ve become clinically obese, we are putting our own personal health at risk. While the best solution to combat excessive body weight—cutting back on fatty foods and pursuing an active lifestyle—sounds simple. It’s a lot harder to pull off day to day.

You’ve probably heard diets don’t work. The key is to focus on improving wellness and a healthy lifestyle. These five tips from Alexander Ramirez, MD will help you get there.

  1. Consult a Doctor
  2. So often, people feel like weight loss is a journey they need to take on their own. While there’s something noble about going it alone in order to “fix ourselves,” it’s actually very difficult to pull off a lifestyle change without a little help. The professional advice of a doctor, nutritionist, or even a therapist can prevent unhealthy approaches.

    The American Psychological Association notes that, sometimes, our weight gain is the product of an underlying physical or mental issue. By better understanding the cause, you can find the best way to move forward in improving your overall health.

  3. Buy a Daily Planner
  4. For many, weight gain is the result of a hectic lifestyle that leaves little time for anything outside of work. While being “busy” is a valid excuse, we shouldn’t let it ruin our wellness. That’s where a daily planner can come in handy. It lets you have a grasp of everything you need to do in a week and more accurately assess how much time you have at your disposal. Once you discover where to fit in exercise and to take the time to prepare healthy meals, then suddenly life seems a lot more manageable on the way to better health.

  5. Get Some Comfortable Athletic Shoes
  6. Part of any successful weight loss program is physical exercise. One of the best ways to kick-start this part of our life is to properly equip ourselves with the right gear for the job. Having the right shoes can encourage you to get moving. Good shoes are also necessary for getting the most out of the workouts you enjoy doing the most, whether they include running, dancing, or playing a few rounds of tennis.

  7. Invest in Your Kitchen
  8. Unsurprisingly, many people who wind up becoming overweight partake in a mostly fast food diet. Fast food is convenient for the busy person on the go, but it’s also unhealthy to consume regularly. The best way to take the path of healthier eating is by dusting off the surfaces of your kitchen and to start cooking well-balanced meals. Invest in pots, pans, and other quality kitchenware to inspire you to get more hands-on with your diet. Preparing your own meals keeps you in control of the ingredients, with a more diverse range of nutritious meals that include lean protein, fruits, and veggies.

  9. Focus on Self-Care
  10. The fundamental solution to losing weight and living a healthier lifestyle is to take better care of ourselves. You can do this by focusing on your own self-care. We practice self-care by getting enough rest, exercising our bodies, getting into a regular routine, and eating healthier foods. The combination of these self-care activities will enrich your life and help you combat your obesity.

    Just because your doctor says that your weight and BMI put you in the category of obesity, it doesn’t mean that you can’t make a change. The first step is making the decision to be that change. Then, by regularly utilizing these five tips, you can systematically transform your lifestyle to reflect the best version of yourself.

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