A newer kind of minimally invasive weight-loss technique is endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty. A suturing device is placed into your esophagus and down to your stomach.

Dr. Alexander during a procedureEndoscopic sleeve gastroplasty is a weight loss technique that is minimally invasive. Dr. Ramirez specializes in this low-risk weight loss technique.

Endoscopic sleeve plication is a relatively new procedure that mimics the effect of laparoscopic sleeve gastroplasty. However, with the endoscopic approach, there are no incisions, and we access the stomach through the mouth.

During this procedure in St. Petersburg, we put a patient under general anesthesia and assess their stomach to make sure there are no masses, tumors, or ulcers. Once we know their stomach is okay, we put in a regular endoscope, a tube that has a light and camera attached to it, and connect an additional device that allows the surgeon to suture inside the stomach. We then suture the stomach so that it folds into itself and into a banana shape.

Benefits of Endoscopic Sleeve

With an endoscopic sleeve, the patient will have the same restrictions in terms of food consumption as they do with a laparoscopic sleeve procedure. However, the difference is that we don’t have to make any cuts to access the stomach. It’s all done through the mouth, and you can go home the same day and back to work the following day.

The obvious benefit of this procedure is that endoscopic sleeve plication is much less invasive. Still, it produces similar outcomes as a laparoscopic approach. Compared to a balloon procedure, in which a balloon is inserted into the stomach to make a patient feel partially full, the endoscopic sleeve lasts longer and leads to more weight loss. Endoscopic sleeve plication also can be redone again several years later, so if a patient needs a revision, we can easily perform one.

Who is a Candidate for This Procedure?

Patients who have a BMI under 40 are the best candidates for this procedure. Also, patients that have a BMI in the 30 to 35 range, which is considered obese, also have the option to get this procedure in St. Petersburg, since weight loss surgery typically isn’t a covered insurance benefit for people in this BMI range. That’s another significant benefit of the endoscopic sleeve procedure — it opens weight loss surgery to a whole new selection of patients who haven’t been able to lose weight from diet and exercise alone and need other alternatives.

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How Much Does Endoscopic Sleeve Gastroplasty Cost?

The cost of Endoscopic Sleeve Gastroplasty (ESG) in St. Petersburg, FL varies depending on the surgeon, facility, and other factors. The median cost is $18,431, but prices can range from $11,400 to $31,200. Insurance may cover some or all of the costs, so it is important to check with your insurance company before scheduling the procedure.

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